A message from your cat:

Our perspective of our animals can be far from their view of us. In a good pet-relationship, (as any relationship) there is a give and take. You give your animal shelter, love and food and in return, you get love back (and maybe a mouse or two). I have come to think that it may go even further than that…

Have you tried telling your cat what to do? Then you must know that they only obey when THEY see fit. “Yes I heard you call my name, I opened my eye, didn’t I?”

It is incredible how many forums there are about getting your cat to stop scratching furniture. What did we even buy that $100 scratching tree-atrocity for, that ruins the whole vibe of the living room?! “Nice furniture makes sharper nails, Sally.”

On top of the fridge, in your closet and of course your lap top. “Is this important to you? I sit. Where you doing something there? No worries, I sit.”

A full cup on the edge of the counter. Your cat walks by and gives it a quick look. Action music begins to play in your head as you give her a look: “Don’t you dare, kitty!”

*scrape* the cup moves across the counter, closer to the edge. Your eyes widen – “KITTEEEEEY!” you say forcefully.

What does kitty do? *swoop* Off the counter it goes! “Man, did you see it fall?? SPLASH everywhere!!! Woah!! Thats the shi* it live for, Sally! I must run away now.”

“Thanks for indulging me in everything I choose to do. You’re the best pet I’ve ever had, Sally.”

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