FAQ (Frequently asked questions)



1. I want to be involved. Can I work with the designer?

Of course! We want your input so that we know that you are getting exactly what you were hoping for. We generally send updates of our progress along to make sure we are heading in the right direction and no time is wasted on ideas that aren't for you. The possibilities are endless and this process should be fun for both you and your artist.


2. Do I own the designs or who has the copyright? 

Once your invoice is paid, you receive permission to use the designs, videos and images as you please, for however long you please, unless otherwise specified.


3. Can I get "Native Files" to re-edit in the future?

If all you are looking for is an editable PDF or Photohop document, we charge for an hour's work as long as they don't exceed 50MB. For video files & media managing we charge extra, for time spent. 


4. What if I am not happy with my results?

Because we work directly with our clients step-by-step and let you be a part of the design process, it is very rare that someone doesn't like their design. Ultimately that just leads to a redesign. We strive for 100% Satisfaction.


5. What are the prices like at MTD?

We work with a variety of clients. From independents to big and small businesses. When it comes to video & design, exposure is what we include in our decision to charge. How many people are you creating this for? How big is your company? Or maybe you're just looking to make a sweet family Christmas letter, that won't extend beyond a few. We have budgets for the big and small, just talk to us. - we are human, too.


6. How much is it to get a first design?

Our initial meeting over the phone will be all about what it is you are looking for, if you already have ideas or if you are looking for us to give you some. This part is absolutely free. If you want us to create your concept we will start with a free hand-drawn suggestion and if you are happy with the rough drawing, we will go ahead and work on your design or video while you sign our term-agreement, and send a $49 deposit, that will later be deducted from your invoice. 


7. Do I have to meet someone in person?

If you are in the Denver/surrounding area we can send an artist out to you for an initial consult, otherwise we handle our meetings through screen shares, phone calls and e-mails. It is not necessary to meet with us in person.


8. What ways can I use to communicate with my artist?

If you have preference on video service (Zoom, RingCentral, Meet, Teams etc.) we can certainly make that happen. Our preference is RingCentral, (find out everything at ringcentral.com).

Phone calls: 303-941-1703

e-mail: support@motiontodesign.com

Or start a project here


9. What is the typical budget range?

This completely depends on the medium. Video work is on the higher end, where graphic design and interactive pdfs are cheaper. We try to work with everyone's budget in hopes of building a diverse client list. A logo can go from $65-$2500 depending on the client and amount of work involved. If you have a tight budget, we recommend giving us detailed descriptions of what you need so we can finish your design in the shortest amount of time, which leads to low labor costs.


10. Tips to make this as quick/low budget as possible:

The quicker the service, the less you will spend. Every company and person is different. In order to best serve you, here are some tips to make the process easier for your artist:

  • Send a Style Guide for the company, if there is one.

  • Send Drawings of your ideas (draw on paper and send in text directly to your artist)

  • Send a sentence about the Motive behind the project

  • Explain your Goals


11. How long does it take to get a project back?

Of course it depends on what the terms of your agreement are, but our artists are some of the fastest in the business.

We stick to our deadlines and return work as quickly as possible in order to keep the process efficient and fluid.