Video, MoTion & EFFECTS

I started shooting and editing video in my teens, back then - with a camcorder and a mini DV tape. We have come a long way since then, and after earning my Bachelor degree in Communication with concentration on media production and working over 12 years in the field, my horizon has been broadened as well. I love video puzzles and finding the perfect way to tell a story with pace, shot selection and fitting audio, to create the emotion desired.

Winner of 2 NPPA Awards and a Heartland Emmy
Video Editing

Emmy winner 2017, "The. secret language of Emoji", edited by me for a Sweeps-Special at KDVR.

Motion Tracking

I directed and edited this funny How-To with Dan Daru. Shot by Jay Hutchesen. Even though the video/audio isn't very good, I tried to make it visually exciting with motion tracking and creative ideas.

Puppet-Tool In After Effects

I created this learning-on-the-go project from start to finish.  Countless keyframes and hours to create this silly video. I also voiced the mother pig and found someone to voice the other characters for free.

Professional and Clean AE

Simple, yet effective. This video ends every Access Gourmet video since 2018. They were so impressed with my speed that I they paid me a little extra.

Special Effects

I helped create this video of a special intro for the CW morning show. A Harry Potter special with all the hosts in this recreation.

Creative Numbers

I used a displacement Map to help make these numbers come to life during the newscasts of KDVR. When time is of the essence, a quick and simple animation can make a big impact.

Seeing Is Believing

Sometimes viewers just can't imagine it, until they see it. Especially when numbers come into play. The most  impressive part on this video is the time crunch under which it was created.

Another winner

Winner of 2016 NPPA, Best of Photography "Feature" category, edited by me.

I started with translating, found new voices, directed those recordings and eventually did a frame-by-frame edit to match the mouths to the new recordings. 23 episodes in total and now on Amazon Prime.

International Frame by Fame