A Wonderful World full of Custom Designs

Work directly with your designer


Get exactly what you imagined

Get professional advice

Fast service

Choose from a variety of designs, if desired

Specify your own budget


Every design is custom made for each client until they are 100% satisfied

Even better, we also take care of motion graphic designs, so if you want your design to be animated, we can handle that for you, too.​

Logo Design by Motion to Design


Branding is such a huge part of your business. We can help you create something memorable that will leave an impression with your clients. Sometimes we need to recreate an existing design, because the original was lost. We do that, too!

-Lilith Marlene Munck

Viking Volvo_Moose.jpg

Comic Art by Motion to Design

Images drawn by hand



These images were all drawn by hand! We spend a lot of time on each image making sure we don't miss the details, and it becomes almost life-like. We have advertised with comics for the local shelter and created art for social media with these adorable stories. We also draw small images by hand, digitally, so that you can take your small image and increase it's size.

- Lilith Marlene Munck


Info Graphics by Motion to Design


Information always works better with arrows, doesn't it? Sometimes it's hard to explain what you want your clients to know and that's where we come in. Let us help you to create info graphics that are easy to understand and make your day so much quicker. These examples include work for the city of Denver, Fox31 Denver, Dr Herb-al & Agile Education Marketing created by Lilith Marlene Munck

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 6.48.32 PM cop
Info-Social CECD
Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 6.48.14 PM cop

Advertising by Motion to Design

From social media posts to posters and flyers printed for a variety of companies and individual clients, we have something for everyone. When we say "Custom Everything" we mean it! We have designed product labels, taken photos of the products and then created advertising for web and print.

Get the word out about what you are passionate about and we will make something that you can be proud of.


- Lilith Marlene Munck

Sexy with Hemp
Social Post
Support your Farmer Social Post

More by Motion to Design


"When it's the first time I do something, I will always put my all into it. Every project is unique to each client and so the work becomes new with every piece of art I create. The challenge is what makes me love design & the world around it."

- Lilith Marlene Munck  


Artist Blog by Motion to Design


Watch our art come to life with these little entertainment stories of pets who don't understand their owners.

- Lilith Marlene Munck