Big-Hat-Sally’s Worm

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Did you know that gardening could be careless and rude? While you are thinking about digging that new trench, planting your bulbs and deciding what is “flower” and what is “weed” there is a whole other world living below us. Just ask the smaller creatures among us, they know Big-Hat-Sally as the giant destroyer of value. Read below, to see what I mean.

Some dirt is just better than the other. Just like us, worms are survivalists always striving for better (… I think.) Humans have always aimed at the bigger house & the best location. However – real estate can be a tricky thing, even for worms – When you do it right, you may just be living like a pig in ….. I mean … a worm in dirt.

From one moment of content to the next of pure panic. Big-Hat-Sally has arrived to put in some new flowers in the garden. “She can’t even eat those!”

“Oh no! Big Hat Sally brought the “Destroyer”!”- As the sharp metal object hits directly into the cul-de-sac! “There goes my movie room and my hot tub..” Big Hat Sally’s carelessness is bringing a whole neighborhood down.

“Aw, poor worm! They are so good for my garden!” she says, as she squishes him lightly between her fingers.

But don’t worry, she has a way to fix this whole thing. SLAP! Put some dirt on it. That’s worked even in the olden days.


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