Sally keeps her trash in my kitchen

So we go into their habitat in the woods, set up our tents, bring our deliciously smelling foods and leave trash in a container bears can’t open. We are the worst.

Just another day looking for food. No GPS, no Google, just me and my nose.

Anything over there? I am starving.

Any fish left in this river? (And who are you?)

Oh. It’s happening. This is DEFINITELY food. Follow the nose!

Here it is. I’m not sure what it is, but. it is definitely edible.

How do you open this?

Humans are weird. Magic happens around them all the time.

Maybe this works: “OPEN!!!!!!”

Does anyone think this is funny? Lock away delicious food?

Humans are the f*cking worst.

Thanks for reading!


#funny #bear #humans #comic #animalpsychology

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