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Category:Fiction set in the 14th century Category:History books about Russia Category:Tamil-language books Category:Fiction set in the 15th century Category:History books about RussiaThe mission of the Character Education department is to provide character education for all students. The department provides a rich and diverse curriculum which helps all students acquire a broad knowledge and understanding of Christian character. Character Students will encounter the Christian concept of Character at an early age through our curriculum. The goal is that all students will leave a Christian character at the end of their time in school. Character Education Through the Ages The term character refers to a person's way of life. Character is both internal and external, personal and social, and it relates to a person's thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. It is both a personal quality and a social responsibility. This is an essential part of life, and yet it is not always taught in school. The Bible talks about character and its importance. Jesus emphasized the importance of becoming like children, having pure hearts, and keeping God's commandments. Even before that, Proverbs was written about "a wise man who keeps his tongue from evil, whose heart is sensible to the ways of the LORD and whose hand is the pledge of his faithfulness" (Pr 19:1-2). As the Bible becomes more familiar and relevant to young people, we see it being applied more clearly in their lives. Character Education Classes Some courses in our program use the concept of character education as the core subject. At the end of the course, the teacher would talk to the class about what they have learned, and about the importance of character. The character education lessons would be integrated into the main lesson of the subject. For example, in an English course, the character education could be used in every lesson. A teacher may teach a lesson on why newspapers are important, and use a character education lesson about the life and work of C.H. Spurgeon in an attempt to help students learn the value of newspapers. The students would have a deeper understanding of the importance of newspapers after the lesson. Many of our courses such as Business Education and Values Education use character education as a central concept. When the students come to the end of the course, the teacher would usually talk about the importance of character and how it relates to everyday life. In addition, to help students find out about character, we provide character education games for



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Nostradamus Book In Tamil Free Download vyrhedw
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